Naha Port Promotion Video

  1. Naha Port Promotion Video

We produced a PR video introducing Naha Port on three themes.Please take a look.

Overview of Naha Port

n introduction to Naha Port that highlights its history dating back to the Ryukyu Kingdom and the four wharfs that accommodate all types of vessels. (7 min 8 sec )

Cruise Terminal and Local Tourism

Features information on Naha Cruise Terminal facilities and introduces sightseeing spots near Naha port for tourists arriving by cruise ship. (6 min 25 sec)

Strengthening Naha Port’s Distribution Role

This video introduces efforts to position Naha Port as a distribution hub connecting Okinawa, mainland Japan, and other countries by bolstering the role played by the International Container Terminal and General Logistics Center in distribution. (5 min 3 sec)