Explore Naha Port

  1. Explore Naha Port
Explore Naha Port
Naha Port offers a wide range of places for fun and relaxation, whether you live in Okinawa or are visiting as a tourist.

Enjoy Exquisite views

In addition to fascinating cityscapes that bring together historical buildings and modern urban streets, the Naha Port area also features several spectacular views of natural vistas of ocean and sky.

  • Naminoue Shrine

    Naminoue Shrine

    Enshrined atop a cliff off Naminoue, this revered shrine has drawn crowds of worshippers since the days of the Ryukyu Kingdom. The distinctly Okinawa-style worship hall and the o-mikuji fortunes written in four languages make this shrine a popular sight for non-Japanese visitors, as well.

  • Naminoue Umi-sora Park

    Naminoue Umi-sora Park

    This park is particularly popular in the evening for its amazing views of the sun setting over the horizon. Enjoy the extraordinary beach setting with views of the boats arriving and departing, the Kerama Islands in the distance, and airplanes landing and taking off at Naha Airport.